One of the most costly mistakes in developing an irrigation system is poor design. Our experienced designers carefully determine all aspects of the system before anything in the field is started. During the design process, we carefully:

1. Assess the unique watering requirements of your lawn, gardens, planters and shrubbery

2. Select sprinkler head types and positioning to guarantee proper coverage

3. Evaluate your water source and available water pressure

4. Calculate the appropriate number and types of watering zones

5. Determine controller location for ease of access


We insist on using the highest quality, professional grade products from the leading irrigation manufacturers including Hunter, Rainbird and Toro. Whenever possible, we use a vibratory plow for “trenchless” pipe installation to minimize the disruption to your property.

We Pay Close Attention To Unseen Details, Making Sure That We:

1. Use only top-quality, NSF and ASTM certified pipe and fittings

2. Safeguard the electrical components with special, waterproof wire connections

3. Backfill trenches without debris and rocks that can damage the pipe

4. Provide proper grounding for controllers


Commonwealth Landcare Inc offers exceptional services for winterizing sprinkler systems. It is important to make sure your sprinkler system is prepared to endure colder temperatures during the winter. Proper winterized irrigation systems will prevent pipes from cracking due to frozen, expanding water that remains in the pipe. These types of cracks will require extensive repairs the following spring season. Save yourself time and money by investing in a quality winterizing service. There are several methods we use to remove remaining water in the sprinkler system, and our team of experienced technicians will determine which is best based on your specific system. Contact us today to schedule a service for your sprinkler system.


We promise to train you to use your new sprinkler system and provide an appropriate watering schedule. We also provide an “as-built” drawing to document the approximate location of sprinkler heads, valves, piping, etc. Lastly, we are available throughout the warranty period, at no charge, to consult or answer questions.

We Are Also Meticulous About What Is Visible, Making Sure That We:

1. Properly groom, compact and clean up trenches, holes and vibratory plow routes.

2. Install sprinkler heads and valve boxes level to the grade.

3. Position sprinkler heads at a consistent distance off hardscape and bed edges.

4. Neatly install controllers and above ground piping to your pump or city water hook up.